Ang Sheng Jun

During my tenure as an engineer with DSTA, I supported and lead projects end-to-end in the domain of reliability design, and system safety, from contract development to participating in design reviews, to coordinating data collection, leading the actual analysis and reporting to various stakeholders across agencies. In some cases, I led the investigation to uncover hidden root causes of system failures.

For some of the more complex projects, I collaborated with industry practitioners to develop in-house solutions for solving or alleviating these project challenges. An example is tapping MIT’s expertise in approaches towards uncovering design flaws for complex system integrations.

My interest in data science led me to pursue General Assembly’s course as a means of upskilling, before landing a role as an analytics consultant. In that role, I led the development of automated ETL solutions to help clients fulfil regulatory requirements.

In both of these roles, I participated/ led the project in terms of design review, product management and developed training materials and led training.
In my spare time, I continue to deepen my skillsets through online courses, explore current trends and build my portfolio of personal projects.

I believe these skills would be useful in addressing the business functions required for the role I’m applying for.