Fan Chang Jiet

Dear Hiring Manager,
I am writing to inquire about the opening for the graduate engineer role in your company.
I believe that my degree in Chemical Engineering from Curtin University has prepared me for this position. As a graduate, I was equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills.
During my time at Curtin University Malaysia, I completed my 3 months internship in a glove manufacturing plant under the production department. Also, I am working as a part-time assistant hygiene technician in an occupational health and safety consultancy company since 2019. In this company, I learned how to perform maintenance and service for local exhaust ventilation system (LEVs), how to prepare testing report for client and how to design LEVs based on client’s requirement. More importantly, I can visit sites from different industries and understand their basic processes.
Other than that, I have been actively involved in co-curriculum activities such as global volunteer and badminton club. As a global volunteer, I went to Taiwan to provide English lesson to the local high school student for 2 months. Moreover, I was the president of the badminton club for year 2021 and 2022. As the previous club president, I led a 20 people team in organizing 3 tournaments per year and awarded as the best club in year 2022. I learned a lot of important skills especially leadership and communication. In my opinion, team bonding is the most important aspect for a team to excel.
The working and volunteer experience section in my submitted resume highlights my career profile and accomplishment. I believe with my experience I can meet your expectation and perform well in your company.
Thank you for taking time to review my application and I am looking forward to your reply so that we can further discuss my application.
Fan Chang Jiet