Gaurav Kumar

Dear Sir,

I am excited to be applying for the Trainee Engineer (Mechanical) position at Gradiant. I have an astute attention to detail that is required by the highest quality engineering professionals and look forward to working alongside some of the best STEM experts in the industry. My ability to grasp information quickly translates into shorter training periods and more productivity.

During my previous role as an engineering intern at ShriRam Pistons and Rings Ltd. , As an intern I worked on a CNC machine during my internship where I learned and performed grinding and milling of Workpiece(Piston). it is was a 40 days Summer Training in Piston Plant. I worked on a team that was comprised of many different disciplines, which meant I needed to be cognizant of their respective expertise and know when to yield to their discretion. Working independently is also a strength of mine.

I have a strong work ethic, ability to handle multiple projects at once, and a yearning to never stop learning. Asking the right questions has also been a strong suit of mine so that the final product perfectly mirrors what the client is seeking to receive. Between my engineering at GL bajaj institue of technology and management and internship experience, I feel I am a highly qualified candidate for this position.

Thank you for your valuable time and consideration. I am sincerely looking forward to learning more details about the Trainee Engineer (Mechanical) position and about the great work that Gradiant is conducting. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me in order to inquire further about any of my many qualifications listed on my resume. I look forward to speaking with you and the management team in the near future.


Gaurav Kumar