Job Dela Cruz

I saw the Senior CAD Design Engineer position and am keen on the job offered. Looking at the Gradiant’s solutions in clean water projects is offering, I am very excited about the talent and the expertise I can share with the company. I have more than 10 years of experience in mechanical drawings such as in the field of Analyzer Systems for the oil and gas industry. I am an expert user of Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD which are the current software we are using in Yokogawa. I act as a CAD manager that maintains our 3D CAD library – making sure it is updated for new projects coming in. Another thing that am excited to share is my skills in programming to automate the design process. I’m sure this will benefit the department in Gradiant that I am joining to improve the system and capture engineering standards. Lastly, I train our other CAD designers in our team to make sure they are up to date and get their input. Please see my updated resume attached for your reference. Looking forward to hearing from you and joining your team.