I am writing to express my interest in your posted opening for a new mechanical graduate with nuclear specialism. Having recently graduated from the University of Bristol, I possess a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering and I possess a Master of Science in Nuclear Science and Engineering too. I am looking to apply my skills and abilities to a challenging, growth-oriented position with a leading company.
My hands-on work experience has allowed me to hone the development of my creativity and pressure management abilities. I am eager for the opportunity to learn from and contribute to your team by applying my teamwork, critical thinking and leadership skills. My interest in nuclear energy began with my bachelor degree’s final year project; since the beginning I knew I wanted to do a design project on nuclear energy which would help in increasing sustainable development in the process of energy production. After reading and studying the process of nuclear energy and thoroughly understanding the whole process, I decided that in my project I would redesign the conventional fuel rod to make it hollow, this was because it came to my notice that the thermal conductivity of uranium dioxide was too low, therefore something had to be done to improve heat transfer across the fuel rod. Making the rod hollow, would mean that the coolant would be flowing through the inside and the outside simultaneously, meaning that the fuel would lose heat at a faster rate due to the increased surface area exposure. I performed hand calculations and CFD simulations using “ANSYS R1 2019” to show the heat distribution in the rod and successfully demonstrated that the hollow fuel rod design showed a higher efficiency when transferring heat to the coolant. Finally, engineering has taught me the rigorous importance of working as a team, I especially learned this thanks to the final year group projects, both for my bachelor degree and master’s programme, in which if it was not for my team members I would have not done such a high quality report where all of us gave our ideas and opinions and when put together, we managed to obtain a result where different points of view and perspectives where reflected on.
My focus, as an aspiring professional, is to utilize my skills in problem-solving, making a positive impact on the overall organization. I enjoy compiling, organizing and analyzing data, working in groups, and contributing to project strategies. I believe these skills will be valuable in Mechanical graduate while continuing to enhance your excellent reputation .
Please review my enclosed resume for additional details. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Jorge Goizueta