kapil Mohan

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am having 20 years of Strong Industrial and Research experience backed by Doctorate from
NTU Singapore in Mechanics of Materials and Master from IIT Madras India. I have expertise in
Mechanical Design, Product Development, FEA simulations, Project Management, Solid
Mechanics, stress analysis and Failure Analysis of structures with different materials. I am highly
knowledgeable in material modeling using linear & non-linear structural FE simulation under static
and dynamic loadings with usage of Analytical formulations with solid mechanics. I have wide
experience in engineering from Material Development/processing (molding, rolling, forging,
powder metallurgy etc.), Mechanical characterizations (various mechanical testing), fracture &
fatigue Assessment with related testing, Material Characterizations (various techniques), NDT,
several experimental strain measurement techniques (various techniques), data acquisitions with
the help of software, statistics analysis on big data to draw trends/ conclusions, usage of
materials in various applications based on material & required properties using failure mode
I am expertise in full product development cycle (from concept generation, concept evaluation &
feasibility study, detailed design, prototyping and testing) having cost reduction, innovative
solutions, reduction in design cycles, quality improvements and advancement in product with
research. I have expertise in project management for more than 50 projects of various size
including complex, related to Structural analysis with meeting the expectation of various
stakeholders (operator, contractor, authority, etc.).
I am proficient in developing the proposal based on customer needs, execution of the project in
terms of quality (including quality & execution plan), project schedule, budget, resource and
closure of projects as per different stakeholder of project. I have attained professional experience
of 20 years with teams and clients having different backgrounds, disciples, regions in Motorola
Electronics, DNV, Shell and NTU Singapore. I have proven track record for developing test lab
facility for appropriate and necessary Mechanical & other tests, verification and validation of
products/its components after understanding its need in order to meet the specifications &
requirements of product. I am proven technically knowledgeable and competent senior
consultant/researcher with problem solving mind, who is having ability to respond fast, pro-active,
self-motivated and effectively to demanding environment. I am equipped with strong analytical &
conceptual thinking.
Technical and scientific experiences I have accumulated, enables me to contribute significantly
to the team in the various domains such as Mechanical design, FEA Simulations, Mechanical
Testing, stress analysis, Materials Characterization and Analytical formulations. I am attaching
my curriculum vitae along with this application for detail description about my expertise and
education qualification. I recognize that your organization can provide multifaceted development
professional growth, leadership development and value addition to the employee satisfactorily. I
wish to be part of the working environment where I can best utilize my learning, and ability to
work in team and deliver with in a stipulated time. I will be glad to have the opportunity in
contributing to the scientific and technological advancement and to be a part of the success and
prosperity of the organization.
Hope to be part of your organization.
Dr. Kapil Mohan