Martin Hauschild

Thank you for considering my application.

I am a water industry veteran and have been in the industry since 1987 and have worked my way up through the industry from Project Engineering roles to being a VP, CEO and Director. My current interests are around driving new technologies and working as a member of a dynamic team.

My current role is supporting investment banks with technical due diligence support during the M&A cycle. Most recently I have worked on Suez dispositions and acquisitions, Seven Seas Water (Florida) and AUC Ltd (California). Since my background is both technical and legal, I am able to provide investment banks with a unique perspective on their acquisition targets.

As detailed in my LinkedIn profile, I have worked as a Project Manager and Engineer and ran the Canadian Armed Forces water treatment program. I was a Director and Business Head at Zenon Environmental/GE Water/Suez. CEO of Seprotech Systems/Blumetric as well as having done some corporate restructures for CeramHyd (France) and KmX (Canada/USA).

I’m very familiar with membrane process (RO, NF, UF, MF), Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD), wastewater processes and conventional water treatment as well as control systems for these various technologies. I hold several patents which are linked to my profile. I know the industry players well and also have good Government access, particularly in Canada.

I hold Canadian and German passports and I speak fluent English, German and Spanish and my French is functional. I have homes in Canada and Caribbean and am happy to travel which I’ve done for many years. I have lived in Canada, US, UAE, France, Germany and UK and worked in the water sector worldwide. My highest level of education is MSc and my education is also set out in my LinkedIn profile.

I look to discussing the opportunity further.


Martin Hauschild