Matthias Chai Zheng Feng

I am Matthias Chai Zheng Feng, a fresh graduate in Chemical Engineering from Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman. I came to know of this post in LinkedIn, and visited Gradiant’s website hoping to apply for the job position of “Trainee Engineer (Process)” in your company.

I have a keen interest in environmental engineering, and would like to give myself an opportunity to venture out in this direction, especially in the water and wastewater industry. Because of my interest in environmental engineering, this have led me to take up elective courses such as “Water and Wastewater Treatment”, “Green Chemical Processes”, and “Soil and Groundwater Remediation”. Besides, I have also undergone a 1-year research-based final year project entitled “Nitrogen Management in Wastewater Industry from Circular Economy Perspective”.

Therefore, I would like to apply these knowledge pertaining to the wastewater industry and hope to utilise the technical skills I have acquired in your company. Though I lack working experience in this industry, I am willing and eager to learn and contribute to the goals of your company.

Deeply appreciate if you could take some time to go through my attached CV for your consideration. I hope to hear from you soon about my application in Gradiant.

Thank you very much and have a blessed day!

Warmest Regards,
Matthias Chai Zheng Feng