Mukul Gaur

Dear sir/ma’am,
My name is Mukul Gaur I am currently working as a Sr.executive in IndiaMart Intermesh
Limited where I handled the end to end development of a category classified in B2B and B2C
space by analyzing the data trends of various KPI and interprets the output operation
performed to achieve the business targets. I have also worked on the project to improve the
product specification architecture on the database side and to improve its functionality. I am
finding an opportunity to work for an organization which gives me a chance in the challenging
role like this where I can contribute and learn at the same time my analysis competence and as
well as my engineering knowledge to the table and bring a significant contribution for the
I had completed b.Tech in mechanical engineering and had completed 3 years diploma in
automobile engineering, in 6 years of my professional education I was able to complete
 Project on “modeling of the interrelationship of cost factors of the product life cycle” in
which objective is to find and deduce the relationship among various cost factors which
are included in the life cycle cost analysis of a product by using ISM(interpretive
structural modeling) methodology
 Project on “Automatic Pneumatic Bumper” in which the aim is to design and develop a
control system based an intelligent electronically controlled automotive bumper
activation system is called “AUTOMATIC PNEUMATIC BUMPER
 DMRC internship: worked in a rolling stock department were able to learn different
systems like the suspension system, braking system, bogie system, HVAC system, and
the periodic technical preventive maintenance check
 Bajaj internship: in the machining unit of precise engine components like camshaft
GSD gear shaft drum stub axle etc. Worked in GSD and camshaft department to learn
the machining process, specification and quality checks performed there
Thank you for taking the time to read my application and for your consideration. I would love
to come in for an interview and I am looking forward to hearing from you
Mukul Gaur