Subject- job application for the post of mechanical engineer/maintenance engineer/engineer trainee
Hr manager – Koh Lee Cheng
Singapore 637141
Date -23/06/2022
Dear sir,
I am writing to express my keen interest in engineer trainee that open recently. I came to across the job description from your official website gradient international career page and was delighted to find that my academic accomplishment meet all your necessary Requirements for the position.
Currently, I am completed in my diploma mechanical engineering in aks university satna 6.04 CGPA and mechanical engineering in RGPV Bhopal with 7.6 CGPA. Being an engineering student, I have strategically focused myself on following subject.
• Thermal engineering
• Automobile engineering
• Auto cad
• Refrigeration and air conditioning .
• Theory of machine components.
I have also working on a project vapour compression refrigeration cycle during my diploma and both in my collage model presentation. And I awarded a first price during my programme and this project has been completed in 5 months.
I have also internship in Madhya Pradesh power generating company ltd. in2 months and which I have worked with boiler maintenance division turbine how to produce a electricity coal milling machine etc and the which was highly appreciated by the company officials and they provided me with a letter of recommendation as well. And I have also basic knowledge Autocad /solidworks and also I am proficient of ms excel. Powerpoint and word.
I would Request you to kindly go through my detailed resume for further details.

Waiting for favorable response.

Email id-
Contact no – +917987973726