My attention was immediately drawn to the job post on Linkedin in which you state you are looking for a Trainee Engineer (E&IC) role. The profile you have outlined fits me very well as I will further explain in this letter.

I started my career as Production Engineer at VKC Group one of the leading footwear manufacturing companies.My duties there were to prepare a production plan based on SCM Team allocation, procure materials for production, handle shop floor, ensure materials etc
with proper planning and execution, I could increase the productivity of the month SEP 2020 up to 89%,
Proper reporting of consumption by recording on daily basis reduced the waste to .5%.

After handling shop floor operations I was promoted to divisional head office as Product Outsource support,
There I handled Outsourcing for VKC Group, which include managing vendors, procuring materials for manufacturing these products,handling interstate logistic,ensuring quality etc.Through proper follow up of production and procuring materials on time,our team could complete 100 % allocation against SCM in the year 2021 August

I’m currently working as Strategic Sourcing and Logistics Executive at Hailstone Innovations in Palakkad.In this position, I am responsible to Oversee supplier performance (on-time delivery, quality, lead time), and resolve performance issues, and Initiate purchase orders (PO) in the system, according to the
Purchase Requisitions and in alignment with standard procedures, and confirm the delivery with suppliers, monitor and tracks supplier performance to purchase order requirements.

I have also completed the end-user level course in SAP MM,it includes the detailed study of organizational structure and material management activities, Creation of Material Master, Preparation of PR, PO, Goods Receipt, and invoice, and Special stock procurement such as consignment and subcontracting, etc

Please take a moment to review this cover letter and resume. Thanks so much for your time and attention today. I look forward to your response in the near future.