Romain Xavier Mouret

Dear Gradiant Hiring Team,

I worked for 6 years as a machine learning engineer, including 4 years at Igloo Security, where my coworkers and I built a machine learning platform from the ground up.
After Igloo Security, I shifted my focus to data engineering and backend development in order to catch up with recent trends in cloud computing and CI/CD while I was waiting for my Canadian visa. Hence my cloud certifications and my last freelancing experience at Leboncoin.
I am now looking to join a machine learning team again.

To clarify my situation, I ran into visa issues in 2021 that had me temporarily relocate to my home country and seek short-term employment.
Fortunately, I have just been granted a Canadian permanent resident visa with a 5-year validity period.
I currently live in Vancouver.

I look forward to hearing from you,