Roshan Rajendra Zodge

Roshan Zodge
Pune , India
Mr/Ms Recruiter
Gradiant Technologies

Dear Mr/Ms Recruiter
With reference to your recent advertisement seeking a position for Machinist in your organization, I
have all the qualifications you listed in your ad, and attached is my resume for your review.
I am currently working with Maxion wheels india pbt Ltd as trainee production engineer/ Machining Operations , As I
am in the procedure of finding the right job, I identified your company and find it the right place as I
will have the scope of being a part of the technical team, where I can execute my knowledge, which
is my area of interest.
I have been an active member of the academic project [project machining and fluid]& have got a practical
knowledge during this project tenure. 
I would like to be a part of your reputed firm, where I can utilize my skills, knowledge & talent. This
would be the right opportunity and I strongly believe that if given a chance I will prove myself and
contribute to the growth & success of the organization.
The enclosed resume provides more details of my skills and achievement track record. Please feel
free to call me at +919892844329 or email me at
thank you for your time, and I look forward to speaking with you.
Thank you for your consideration.
Roshan Zodge