I am pleased to present my qualifications for consideration for your sales management position .
My experience in the are of Water and Waste treatment Systems , included field sales, promotion, and services development, coupled with strategic marketing both in the USA and overseas could be very synergistic to your needs.
I understand the needs for developing the proper presentation for a new software or product.I have the market sense and proven ability to take a product, negotiate a purchase a short term or or longterm service to market. In addition, I have the experience and knowledge to search for the opportunity via cold calls, and then initiate the proper relationships with clients and internal management, and other key personnel so that we can grow sales to the next level. Effective timely communication with all groups and my multi tasking capability are essential for proper development. My experience has been with both large, small companies, and professionals, so that I understand the methods to achieve success with all parties and the flexibility required to make things happen. My superiors and co-workers almost always appreciated my initiative, performance, reliability, demeanor, attitude, team spirit and leadership. I am hands on and very flexible in doing things on “as need basis” as a VP of international marketing , I can manage a team with proper delegation for immediate growth of sales.
My technical knowledge in Chemical Engineering coupled with my business experience in marketing of long term project sales will insure that I would achieve the proper communication for acceptance of your professional services. This is very synergistic to my experience.
Thank you for your consideration.