Sridhar Chandrasekaran

Dear Hiring manager :
I am writing to express my interest in Trainee engineer (Mechanical) position at Singapore. I am applying for this job because I am currently looking for
an opportunity to improve my career growth and technical knowledge in a reputed organization
like yours. I am confident that my technical knowledge and related industrial experience can contribute to your organization. Therefore, I request you to consider this application for the
trainee engineer position.
To shortly introduce myself, my name is Sridhar, and I have graduated with a bachelor’s degree
in mechanical engineering. I have been working as a Graduate Engineer Trainee at Aquasub Engineering(Aqua groups) for the past one year. I have a strong knowledge of industrial operations and quality management systems which I have gained in the past experience and also worked in Diesel injection pump testing bench during my internship in Delphi-TVS Technologies limited, Sriperumbudur. I am also good with MS Office tools like Word, Excel,
I believe the experiences I have gained before so far are a perfect match for this position. It would be a great pleasure if I get an opportunity to work in your organization. Thank you for your consideration and valuable time. I am also looking forward to your response.

Yours sincerely
Sridhar Chandrasekaran