Thant Sin

Dear Sir or Madam,

I was excited to see your company profile and it’s exactly the type of company I am looking for: an opportunity to bring my experience with mechanical engineering and enthusiasm for passion of machines to an organization that has good reputation in the market field.
In addition to four years of experience in field service and maintenance, I would also bring an organized and safety precautions to this role. I observed my clients and working conditions, thinking about which parts need to come together in what ways to make it best. My approach is to have in depth understanding with the clients and every member of the team before each job to figure out all logistics from location to talent. From there, the fun parts starts: fleshing out the concept and figuring out the best visuals to accompany it. Ideation and step by step process are essential to help me brainstorm and combine ideas. I know I am not perfect all the time, so I enjoy working with a diverse team that brings in new perspective that make the final decision stronger. Whenever possible, I seek out other sources for inspiration and knowledge, which allow me to observe different ways of expression and points of view. This approach has served me well, not just in communicating with customers and collages but also allowed me to enter the mechanical industry and grow as a professional.
I’d love to discuss more about what I’d be able to contribute as a member of your valuable team. If I don’t have required skills and experiences as your company need, I am willing to learn and practice to the level of your company require. Working with the professionals is my goal and I believe I would be a valuable addition to your team.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

Mr. Thant Sin