Wong Hoe Fei

I am Felix Wong Hoe Fei, a fresh graduate of Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering from Beijing Tsinghua University. I am writing this letter to enquire about a position with Gradient. I have taken interest in your company because it relates to my specialism in my degree: Mechanical Engineering.

I believe my degree, CAD skills, design experiences, material knowledge and team skill would fit the position I am applying for. I have attended several tournaments and internships related to my specialism which provided me with valuable experience and I have
placed those events on my resume.

On the technical side, I am familiar with CAD and FEM software, and that means I have experience in building 3D models, machine designs and physics simulations. To fit technically with Gradient, I am willing to learn software and skills I am not familiar
with and I do have the confidence to learn new skills quickly as I faced the demanding learning environment at Tsinghua University.

I am usually a follower in a team but I prefer to look at my team as a leader-leader module. I believe that every member of a team can inspire each other in order to complete tasks in a better manner. I prefer understanding others’ situations and giving out opinions if I have
any ideas. At the same time, I love to accept suggestions for improvements too. I believe that being proactive in a team would allow work to be carried out more efficiently. This attitude made my previous team projects run smoothly and obtained decent results.

If there is a need to call me for an interview, you can contact me via email at hoefeiwong@gmail.com. Thank you for the time to review this letter. I am looking forward to your reply.