Zac Zachariah

Dear Gradiant

With the utmost eagerness, I want to express my interest & passion for a Trainee engineer position in your company. As a proactive & passionate employee, I know my versatile skills and qualifications will make me an asset to the team.

As you will find on my resume, I have had a variety of experiences with quite a role in design engineering, from my time at Abel Textile Engineering. I am looking to take the next step in my career by leveraging my design skills in a field like performing mechanical design of various types of equipment. I am not only used to making an impact in every role or project that I am a part of, but I also enjoy working in a challenging environment.

As a prospective employee, I immediately can bring the following qualities to the team:

Fast-Paced and Effective learner: During my time in Abel Textile Engineering, I was asked to design some parts and make sketches using AutoCAD software. This posed a challenge for me as I was not well versed with the specific software. I was able to use my quick pace in learning as I asked the engineer to give me a few hours to learn the specific topics and tools of the software that were needed to work there. I then sat next to him and learned the usage of specific tools and tricks and got to be able to draw sketches on my own with further practice.

3D modeling: During my final year project, I was responsible for designing the chassis of a Penta-wheeled vehicle, with design considerations like lowering the center of gravity and increasing the static stability factor. I modeled the chassis on CATIA after performing a great deal of research to ensure maximum strength to the chassis. In addition to that, in my free time, I also made models of a table lamp and a phone stand on Fusion 360 to manufacture these models with wood by hand. I also have relevant experience using Autodesk Inventor as well, and thereby overall knowhow of 3D modeling.

While my resume provides a quick summary of my experiences, I hope to have the opportunity to share how I can bring value to your company’s needs.


Zac Zachariah