Gradiant entered the China market in 2018 to target industrial waste streams from power generation facilities. Gradiant extended their solutions into advanced manufacturing, including the chemicals processing and textiles industries.

Local Expertise

We offer the China market the benefits of access to Gradiant’s exclusive and unmatched solutions in cleantech water and global know-how – delivered and supported with our 100% local China teams. We understand the market.

State of the Art Facilities

Gradiant’s China team operates from state of the art corporate and R&D facilities in Ningbo, and sales offices in Shanghai. Our Ningbo location is a 3,500 square meter facility built in 2020.

Tailored Solutions to Your Needs

Our local focus allows Gradiant to deliver customized solutions unique to the China market. Recent examples are treatment of landfill leachate high in COD, BOD and refractory organics, and design and supply of custom-engineered ultrafiltration and RO membrane equipment.

Other Locations