Building an Industrial Water Rocket Ship: Prakash Govindan on buying Synauta (“Aquatech”)

Published on July 7, 2022

Source: Aquatech

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Joining the industrial rocket ship


For many in the water sector, the news of AI-start-up Synauta being sold may not have come as a surprise.


Founded by seasoned desalination expert Mike Dixon, a sale was always on the cards for the ambitious Aussie leader. After all, he had solid experience in the team that scaled Californian membrane company NanoH2O, which eventually sold to South Korean company, LG.


Yet, what did come as a surprise was how early the growing industrial water treatment giant, Gradiant, bought the company.


Speaking to Aquatech Online, Dixon said: “We see Gradiant as a rocket ship, and we wanted to join the journey.”…


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