How Gradiant is helping some of the world’s biggest corporations reuse their water (“Forbes India”)

Published on December 6, 2022

Source: Forbes India

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Forbes India reports that with their innovations and end-to-end water treatment solutions, Gradiant founders Prakash Govindan and Anurag Bajpayee enable industries to move closer to sustainability.


One could say Prakash Govindan’s entrepreneurial journey started when his friend Anurag Bajpayee convinced him to start a company based on his PhD research. They were both at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Or one could say it started with hefting bucketsful of water, growing up in Chennai, which gave Govindan the personal experience of how important a resource it is.


Fast forward some 25 years from those days in Chennai, Govindan and Bajpayee’s company, Gradiant Corp., just won $20 million in contracts to provide water treatment technologies to three industrial projects in India. The name is also a play on gradients, of all sorts, which Govindan says play a vital role in many natural and industrial processes.