Utilizing Reusable Clean Brine Technology, Gradiant Energy Services Is Contracted for 70,000 Barrels-Per-Day Produced Water Treatment Capacity in Delaware Basin

Published on March 1, 2018

GES’ Selective Chemical Extraction (SCETM) used to create custom solution for major oil and gas operator.


DENVER — MARCH 01, 2018 — Gradiant Energy Services (GES), an oilfield services company that specializes in industrial water solutions, today announced a water treatment facility contract with a major operator in the Delaware Basin. GES will utilize Selective Chemical Extraction (SCE), its reusable clean brine technology, to tackle both water sourcing and disposal challenges by turning produced water into a valuable resource for its E&P client.


Beginning in February 2018, Gradiant Energy Services is now responsible for the treatment, recycling, and quality assurance testing of up to 70,000 barrels-per-day (bpd) of produced water. All water will be treated to stringent effluent specification and system reliability criteria. GES will also design, construct, and operate seven mobile treatment facilities with the capacity to deliver treated water through the customer’s infrastructure network. This project is an expansion of ongoing work, initially launched in 2017.


“2018 is expected to be highly active for operators in the Permian region, but cost and time savings are still very much top of mind,” said Danny Jimenez, Chief Executive Officer of Gradiant Energy Services. “Our proprietary technology is able to convert almost every drop of produced water into reusable water streams. By deploying a mobile water treatment solution on-site, we can dramatically decrease the total cost of water for operators in the region.”


Operators in the Permian Basin are faced with disposal restrictions, water scarcity, and high transportation costs. With highly customizable capabilities, and the ability to treat produced water with strict iron, oil, and turbidity requirements, SCE is helping oil and gas producers solve their most complex water challenges.


Working with GES, operators can now reduce expenditure up to 30 percent by recycling and reusing produced water rather than continually sourcing and transporting it to their sites, and then disposing of it in injection wells. GES’ SCE is a patented, cost-effective technology that provides increased efficiency and monetary savings by cleaning produced water to precisely the required level – and not beyond – for re-use in drilling and fracturing operations. Water treatment opportunities with SCE include oil and grease removal, pH adjustment, bacteria control, ion-specific removal, and efficient solids separation, utilizing lamella clarification. GES’ technology can address a variety of influent water make-up and accommodate produced water from minimal to the most exacting treatment requirements.


SCE technology was developed by Gradiant Corporation, the parent company of GES.

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Meghan Moore

Communications Manager