Free Radical Disinfection (FRD)

Controlled Disinfection for Safe & Reliable Field Operations.

Controlled Disinfection in the Field

Gradiant’s Free Radical Disinfection (FRD) helps with controlled disinfection in a safe manner to improve reliability and reduce the energy-water footprint. Typical applications include those seen at remote sites of energy and mining projects to control bacteria in process water or produce re-usable clean brine. Bacteria in process water can damage client assets – resulting in longer production times, increased maintenance, and higher operating costs. FRD provides controlled disinfection in a safe and reliable manner.

Water + Salt + Electricity = Disinfection

FRD uses an onsite generator to produce disinfectants (sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide) in the field using only process water and salt. This eliminates the need for hazardous chemicals to be transported or stored at site for disinfection. The process is simple, and most importantly, extremely safe – avoiding harmful chemical exposure to people and the environment.

Key Benefits of Gradiant’s FRD Technology:

Safe and Efficient

FRD produces sodium hypochlorite and hydrogen peroxide for disinfection using only process water, salt and electricity. This eliminates the need for the transportation and storage of hazardous chemicals.

Low Capital and Operating Costs

Only water, salt and power are needed in FRD’s onsite generation of disinfectants. No need for purchase of separate chemicals.

Modular for Maximum Flexibility

FRD systems are designed to be modular and mobile – giving you flexibility to use when needed to support your overall process operations and moved to your other sites.


Industrial Wastewater

Industrial Wastewater

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Primary & Secondary Wastewater Treatment