R&D Innovation

Custom R&D Capabilities into Commercial Solutions.

Applied Know-How

Gradiant responds to our customers’ unique needs with continuous R&D innovation, and transfer into our commercial solutions. The latest R&D advancements are thoroughly validated in laboratory and field tests before being deployed as reliable commercial solutions. Customized bench- and pilot-scale testing are used to demonstrate proof-of-concept and cost optimization – by the same teams that develop our award-winning commercial technologies.

World-Class R&D Innovation Labs

Gradiant develops commercial solutions from its Global R&D Innovation Labs in Singapore, RO Infinity Membrane R&D Lab in Boston, and our Applications Testing R&D Labs in Ningbo, China and Chennai, India. Our Global R&D Innovation Labs are located in a 1,000 square meter state-of-the-art facility, commissioned in 2019 in Singapore’s Cleantech Park. Core R&D, applications testing, and product development are continuously transferred into a multi-generational pipeline of commercial solutions. It’s also here that we support our commercial proposals and projects with bench- and pilot-scale testing to optimize our technical solutions.

Creating New Possibilities for Water

Our R&D innovations are focused on optimizing our waste minimization MLD and ZLD, resource recovery, and industrial wastewater solutions. Our teams are exploring the most cost-efficient and effective paths to address difficult and emerging contaminants and developing new sensor and machine learning AI technologies to power our next generation of applications.


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