Gradiant's Smart+ Chemicals for Reliable Process Operations

Reliable and Trusted for Your Process Operations

Gradiant’s Smart+ Specialty Chemicals are a suite of engineered chemicals that are developed and tested for your demanding applications — including RO membrane cleaning, antiscalants, flocculants, and biocides. Our products are supplied and backed by Gradiant — customers have direct access to expert technical support for use and optimization in their facility.


Smart+ Specialty Chemicals are an integral foundation of Gradiant’s portfolio of technologies, serving to maximize recoveries, optimize chemical and energy consumption, and prolong membrane and equipment service life.


Eco-friendly and Non-Dangerous Goods versions are available.


Gradiant’s Smart+ Specialty Chemicals include:


  • Antiscalants
  • Membrane Cleaners
  • Membrane Preservatives
  • Oxidizing and Non-oxidizing Biocides
  • Heavy Metal Precipitants
  • Coagulants and Flocculants
  • Algaecides

Benefits of Smart+ Specialty Chemicals

Achieve Lowest Total Water Costs

Enhance treatment efficiencies with higher water production and lower fouling/scaling rates. Optimize chemical and energy consumption and prolong equipment life with expert technical support.

Improve Environmental Sustainability

Eco-friendly alternatives are available which eliminate nutrient addition to liquid and solid waste discharges.

Improve Site Safety & Logistics

Non-Dangerous Goods alternatives improve site health & safety and simplify logistics and site chemical management.

Gradiant's Lab Testing for Smart+ Chemicals

Jar testing for chemical dosing optimization

Smart+ Specialty Chemicals product development

Smart+ Specialty Chemicals product development

Interested to Learn More?

Gradiant is proud to introduce ForeverGone – the industry’s only all-in-one PFAS removal and destruction solution

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Please fill out the form to download the whitepaper

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