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Experience the unique advantage of a single partner for all your water treatment needs. Our comprehensive portfolio of custom chemical products with on-site expertise and world-class service ensures that your water and process applications run reliably, efficiently, and at the lowest overall cost.

our application expertise

We cannot achieve our goal of helping the world’s most essential industries reduce, reclaim, and renew water with our equipment technologies alone.


Every site is a complex, integrated system of critical applications in which we maintain deep expertise to develop the most effective holistic solutions that combine engineering, chemistry, and process.



Delivered on-site with an unparalleled breadth of equipment, chemical and process knowledge in a single resource.


Drives exceptional results from an open-minded, problem-solving approach that applies the best of Gradiant to every challenge.


Uniquely considering equipment technology, process chemistry, and site-wide AI-powered operations simultaneously for best results.

CURE Chemicals

Corrosion Inhibitors

Safeguard critical infrastructure from rust and decay to extend equipment life, reduce maintenance costs, and ensure the reliability of site-wide water and process systems.

Scale Inhibitors

Ensure uninterrupted operation and extend equipment life by limiting the costly build-up of scale that can clog heat exchangers and pipes, leading to increased downtime and maintenance.

Process Chemicals

Custom-tailored formulations for mining, refining, chemicals, pulp & paper, and more. Solutions proven to optimize efficiency, operating costs, product quality, and process reliability.


Combat microbiological threats with oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides that limit bacterial growth and biofilm formation, ensuring the safety and performance of water treatment systems.

Antiscalants & Cleaners

Prevent mineral scaling and precipitation by inhibiting the formation of insoluble salts, thereby maximizing membrane system performance and reducing total water costs.

Coagulants & Flocculants

Optimize solids-liquids separation in a range of membrane, settling, and dewatering operations. Isolate contaminants, organic matter, and pathogens to meet performance goals and discharge standards.

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