Antiscalants & Cleaners


Keep it Clean

Antiscalants protect membrane systems against mineral scaling and precipitation, inhibiting the formation of insoluble salts during normal operations. Cleaners effectively remove contaminants that form on membrane surfaces during normal operations.

Selecting the right products is critical to preserve the efficiency of water treatment systems’ membranes and other essential components. Operators will experience higher recovery rates, superior operating efficiencies, reduced downtime, and lower cleaning and membrane replacement costs. Suitable cleaning agents administered in the right quantities and frequency will also ensure systems run reliably over an extended period.


The Gradiant Difference


Our experts bring their deep understanding of technologies, applications, and chemistry to develop a complete and integrated solution for your site. We work with you to understand your challenges and create the most effective antiscalant and cleaner control program based on your needs.


Improved Process & Product

Optimized Production

Our treatment programs allow higher recovery rates without scaling risks. Users often see production boosts of 10% or more and improved recovery rates through program optimization.

Increased Longevity

Increased Longevity

Prevents irreversible membrane damage, reducing replacement frequency for sustained, consistent performance. Membrane lifespan can be extended up to 20%.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Improved Energy Efficiency

Effective corrosion management generates substantial cost savings with scheduled maintenance that can be up to 300% less than unplanned.

Scale formation on membrane surface

Without antiscalants


With antiscalants


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