Selective Contaminant
Extraction (SCE)

Gradiant's Selective Contaminant Extraction (SCE) targets contaminants for water reuse & resource recovery

Targeted Contaminant Removal. Nothing More, Nothing Less.

Gradiant’s award-winning Selective Contaminant Extraction (SCE) technology is one of the most robust and reliable treatment systems in the market for industrial wastewater and water reuse. SCE is a multi-step treatment process customizable to target a wide range of contaminants at varying loads — such as oil & grease, hydrogen sulfide, VOCs and semi-volatile VOCs, and specific ions.


The SCE platform includes a range of physical and chemical treatment technologies to remove targeted contaminants strategically and efficiently. SCE is offered as a stand-alone treatment or a complement to the ROI, CGE, or FRO platforms for pre-treatment or post-treatment.

Benefits of
Selective Contaminant Extraction

Recover Valuable Minerals and Reagents

Fluidized Bed Crystallization is proven to recover calcite, fluorite, struvite, carbonates, and heavy metals from process waters. Short bed distillation strategically recovers IPA and ammonium hydroxide.

Meet Discharge Limits

The SCE treatment process is customized to achieve consistent effluent quality to parts per billion (ppb) levels.

Minimize Total Life Cycle Costs

Treatment objectives are matched with the treatment process to minimize CAPEX, OPEX, and Total Water Costs. Technologies are designed and selected to optimize chemical and energy consumption.

SCE is designed to target compounds in this treatment matrix :

Selective Contaminant Extraction (SCE) Table of Target Compounds

Gradiant’s Fluidized Bed Crystallization (FBC) is one of Gradiant’s patented technologies in the SCE platform. FBC recovers valuable minerals while removing a range of contaminants, using silicate sands which are added as carrier material. Inorganic ions are removed by forming stable crystals of metal salts with the carrier sand, which are then removed for waste reduction. FBC is most commonly applied for calcium, fluoride, ammonia, phosphate, copper, and nickel removal.

Gradiant's Fluidized Bed Crystallization (FBC)

FBC Crystal Growth Stages

FBC Crystal Growth Stages
SCE’s FBC technology at an industrial site in Taiwan

SCE’s FBC technology at an industrial site in Taiwan

SCE’s FBC granulated crystals of metal salts

SCE’s FBC granulated crystals of metal salts

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