Our technologies

applied know-how
meets world-class R&D

Gradiant solutions draw from an extensive suite of technologies designed and engineered in-house and commercially proven to reduce, reclaim, and renew process water across various industries and applications.


Decrease the amount of freshwater withdrawn and wastewater disposed, using processes that minimize greenhouse gas emissions.


Recover valuable metals and resources from wastewater across a wide range of industries — unlocking these resources for beneficial reuse.


Return water to nature by engineering technologies and processes that transform wastewater into fresh water.

RO Infinity (ROI)

Advanced platform of membrane-based solutions for complex water & wastewater challenges. Combining our patented CFRO technology with innovative reverse osmosis (RO) membrane processes.

Bio Infinity (Bio-I)

Solves industrial and municipal wastewater challenges using a suite of high-efficiency, patented, and proprietary biological process technologies.

SmartOps AI

A digital ecosystem for the Control, Predict, and Perform of water treatment facilities — based on our foundation of systems expertise learned from the delivery and operations of projects around the world.

Selective Contaminant Extraction (SCE)

Combining physical and chemical technologies to target a wide range of difficult-to-remove contaminants at varying loads. Works synergistically with other Gradiant technologies to achieve exacting treatment objectives.

Carrier Gas Extraction (CGE)

Innovative thermal evaporators that mimic nature’s rain cycle to humidify and dehumidify at the lowest total water cost. Patented technologies include novel bubble columns and thermodynamic balancing.

Free Radical Oxidation (FRO)

A suite of cost-effective Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP) for the removal of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and a wide range of non-biodegradable organics from the most challenging wastewaters.


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