Corrosion Inhibitors

An Invisible Shield

Corrosion inhibitors are specialized chemical formulations designed to protect system metallurgies that come into contact with the corrosive elements in water and process streams.

These products form protective barriers that prevent water and chemicals from causing the metal to rust or decay, helping prolong equipment life and averting catastrophic and costly equipment failure.


The Gradiant Difference


Our experts bring their deep understanding of technologies, applications, and chemistry to develop a complete and integrated solution for your site. We work with you to understand your challenges and create the most effective corrosion inhibition program based on your needs.


Extended Asset Life

Corrosion inhibitors extend the lifespan of utility and process equipment by up to 3X, reducing demand on capital expenditure.

Superior Energy Efficiency

As part of an overall treatment program, corrosion inhibitors improve heat transfer, reducing energy consumption by up to 5% in boilers and 30% in cooling systems.

Site-wide Cost Savings

Lower Costs

Effective corrosion management generates substantial cost savings with scheduled maintenance that can be up to 300% less than unplanned.

Without corrosion inhibitors


With corrosion inhibitors


The action of pitting corrosion

The action of under deposit corrosion


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