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Coagulants destabilize suspended particles, while flocculants assist in their aggregation, facilitating efficient removal through sedimentation, filtration, and sludge dewatering operations. This process is critical to ensure consistent water quality for plant operations and discharge compliance.


Our custom-designed and formulated coagulants and flocculants ensure effective solids-liquids separation, optimizing settling and dewatering operations across a broad operating range. Correct deployment helps isolate pollutants, organic matter, and pathogens to enable compliance with regulatory standards and minimize ecological impacts.


The Gradiant Difference


Our experts bring their deep understanding of technologies, applications, and chemistry to develop a complete and integrated solution for your site. We work with you to understand your challenges and create the most effective coagulant and flocculant control program based on your needs.


Ensured Compliance

Ensured Compliance

Efficient chemical solutions are vital for meeting strict discharge standards, ensuring regulatory compliance, and mitigating reputational risks and fees associated with non-compliance.

Site-wide Cost Savings

Site-wide Cost Savings

Enhanced contaminant removal lowers discharge fees for TSS, BOD/COD. Drier sludge reduces downstream processing and transportation, reducing costs up to 20%.

Enhanced Sustainability

Lower Costs

Consistent, high-quality effluent facilitates downstream treatment and resource recovery, minimizing the environmental impact of discharge, reducing energy and CO2 emissions.

The action of coagulation


The action of flocculation

How it works: Jar test

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