SmartOps Digital uses maching learning for the optimization and prediction of plant operations

Beyond Industry 4.0

Gradiant is leading the digitalization of water with SmartOps AI — a digital ecosystem for the Control, Predict, and Perform of water treatment facilities. We harness the power of digital to re-imagine how facilities are designed, built, and operated based on our foundation of systems expertise learned from the delivery and operations of projects around the world.


Our machine learning AI algorithms allow for the optimization and prediction of plant operations. We’re using historical and real-time process data to deliver immediate productivity improvements and cost savings, as well as to reduce the carbon and water footprints in systems where our solutions are installed.


One AI-Powered Platform. Infinite Insights.


At the heart of our digital ecosystem is SmartOps AI — an integrated platform for plant performance optimization and asset management. A digital twin model of the facility is created, with sensors acting as the bridge between the physical plant and SmartOps AI. The sensors stream real-time data between the physical plant and its digital twin. The efficiency and productivity of the facility is improved by identifying areas needing attention and proactively predicting the likelihood of future events, such as the need for cleaning or replacement of membranes and equipment.

Key Benefits of SmartOps AI

Maximize Reliability and Plant Availability

Detect early signs of performance and feedwater variations using machine learning AI to maximize system reliability, production, and availability. Plants employing SmartOps AI continuously improve over time as baseline and anomaly conditions are established.

Simplified Performance Management

Gradiant’s industry-best operations and process experts proactively manage the operations & maintenance of your facility. Plant performance may be analyzed and benchmarked against our global knowledge base of operations data for system optimization.


Minimize Operational Costs

Remote monitoring and control reduces on-site labor costs. Predict when your membranes will need to be cleaned and optimize the effectiveness of cleaning events.

Priority Access to our Experts

Access to Gradiant’s industry-best process and operations expertise to proactively manage the O&M of your facility. Plant performance may be analyzed and benchmarked over time and your other global operating sites.

Figure of SmartOps Digital Twin for System Optimization



Real-Time Monitoring & Remote Control


  • Easily view plant conditions and anomalies
  • Intuitive systems monitoring & control
  • Rapid detection of performance deviations
  • Real-time and historical process data on any device
  • Performance data analysis and visualization



AI-Powered Predictive Maintenance


  • Machine Learning algorithms forecast & adjust setpoints
  • Predictive data-driven operations & maintenance
  • Maintain KPIs based on time-series predictions
  • Proactive maintenance using condition monitors
  • Maximize overall equipment effectiveness
Smartops Performance Dashboard with AI Powered Process Optimization


AI-Powered Process Optimization


  • AI-driven actions to optimize OPEX and system availability
  • Extend service lives with smart preventive maintenance
  • Minimize inventory and consumables with AI forecasting
  • Optimize OPEX based on changing system conditions
  • Achieve the lowest Total Water Cost
SmartOps features a mobile dashboard for remote monitoring from anywhere
SmartOps by Gradiant Lowers the Total Water Cost

Solutions for

Solutions for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing- Industrial Wastewater & Recycling

Industrial Wastewater & Recycling

Solutions for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing- Resource Recovery & Lithium

Resource Recovery & Lithium

Solutions for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing- Industrial Process Water

Industrial Process Water

Solutions for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing- Minimum & Zero Liquid Discharge (MLD & ZLD)

Minimum & Zero Liquid Discharge

Solutions for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing- Ultrapure Water

Ultrapure Water

Solutions for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing- PFAS & Emerging Contaminants

PFAS & Emerging Contaminants


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