Why Gradiant

Gradiant is uniquely positioned to address the world’s increasing challenges created by industrialization, population growth, and water stress.

What Makes Us Special?

New Possibilities for Water

It brings to life and underpins the positive momentum, and continued efforts of Gradiant as we lead the way in solving the world’s most important water challenges.

It emphasizes the importance of the work we do, and the meaningful change that we have on our customers and their communities around the world.

We bring new life to water that would have otherwise been disposed or wasted – we recycle to reduce feedwater, we minimize waste volumes, we recover and reuse valuable metals & minerals.

We create New Possibilities for Water.

Why Customers Choose Gradiant

Our approach to water treatment is based on the foundation that with the right technologies for your unique challenges, we can transform water into sustainable and cost-effective solutions. We work with the top brand owners in the world’s essential industries.

Customers choose Gradiant for:

Exclusive and unmatched technologies for the most difficult water challenges.

Flexible delivery models for project development and financing.

Global experience and resources, with local expertise and focus.

Our passion to translate R&D innovations into commercial solutions.

The Source of Our Inspiration

Our inspiration comes from our customers – how we can best address their unique needs and challenges in their communities around the world. We can work together to solve the world’s water scarcity challenges – for today, and for our future generations.

Serving the World’s Essential Industries


We transform water into sustainable and cost-effective solutions.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Reduce Your Water Footprint

Commit to Net Water Positive

Sustainability in Action

Sustainability at Gradiant

Sustainability is at the core of the work we do at Gradiant. We are focused on treating, optimizing, and managing all things Water. We help our customers minimize water consumption, recycle water and wastes for beneficial reuse, eliminate contaminants that would otherwise be discharged into the environment, and recover valuable resources from wastes. Our solutions and know-how engineer-out waste from your operations.

Minimizing Your Water Footprint

Our water reuse, zero liquid discharge, resource recovery, and wastewater treatment technologies enable our customers to bring sustainability to their operations and supply chain. A sustainable supply chain is the right thing to do for the people and the planet – and it’s also good for business.

As much as 45% of water demand is generated by industry.

Half of the world’s population will be living in water-stressed regions by 2025.

Asia-Pacific is the manufacturing home to 40% of the world’s supply chain. Industrialization and sustainability impacts are amplified in the region. Gradiant’s commitment to the region addresses needs at the source.