Gradiant helps our customers achieve cost-effective and sustainable solutions for their most complex water challenges. Learn more about our proven technologies and innovations.

Gradiant offers a full suite of proven end-to-end solutions to in advanced water and wastewater treatment. Our approach is based on the principle that with the right technologies and know-how, we can transform your water challenges into sustainable and cost-effective solutions.


Learn about our exclusive and unmatched technologies

SmartOps Digital

SmartOps is an integrated digital platform for asset performance management - plant performance optimization, asset management, and remote monitoring & control.

Project Development

Comprehensive project delivery models for the design, build, operations & maintenance, and ownership of water and wastewater facilities – offering our customers flexible alternatives based on their unique needs and situations.

RO Infinity (ROI)

Gradiant's RO Infinity (ROI) is an integrated platform of membrane-based solutions, using our patented CFRO technology and the latest RO innovations.

Bio Infinity (Bio-I)

Gradiant’s Bio Infinity (Bio-I) platform solves industrial and municipal wastewater challenges using a suite of high-efficiency, patented biological and chemical process technologies.

Carrier Gas Extraction (CGE)

Our patented Carrier Gas Extraction (CGE) thermal evaporators go above and beyond traditional evaporative techniques incorporating patented technologies such as novel bubble columns and thermodynamic balancing. The use of carrier gas mimics nature's rain cycle to humidify and dehumidify at the lowest total water cost.

Free Radical Oxidation (FRO)

Gradiant’s Free Radical Oxidation (FRO) is a cost-effective advanced oxidation process (AOP) for the removal of total organic carbon (TOC), refractory organics, and other non-biodegradable organics from the most challenging wastewaters.

Selective Contaminant Extraction (SCE)

Selective Contaminant Extraction (SCE) improves time and cost efficiencies with a customizable solution that treats water only to the required levels, and not beyond - targeted ions removal at minimal chemical usage.

Free Radical Disinfection (FRD)

The presence of bacteria in water can damage client assets – bacteria can sour oilfield reservoirs, resulting in longer production times, increased maintenance and higher operating costs. Free Radical Disinfection (FRD) helps with controlled disinfection in a safe manner to improve reliability and reduce the energy-water footprint.

Carrier Gas Concentration (CGC)

Gradiant’s Carrier Gas Concentration (CGC) results in clean water vapor that’s released into the atmosphere, and a concentrated brine for beneficial reuse or waste minimization.

Electrodialysis Reversal (EDR)

Gradiant’s Electrodialysis Reversal (EDR) systems use the latest ion exchange membranes to create high purity water for high recovery brackish water desalination.

Smart+ Chemicals & Consumables

Gradiant’s Smart+ suite of specialty chemicals and consumables are a reliable and trusted source of replacements for your facility. We offer a range of tiers based on your needs for value or high performance and provide technical support in the use of our Smart+ products.

R&D Innovation

Gradiant responds to our customer’s unique needs with continuous R&D innovation, and transfer into our commercial solutions. The latest R&D advancements are thoroughly validated in laboratory and field tests before being deployed as reliable commercial solutions. Customized bench- and pilot-scale testing are used to demonstrate proof-of-concept and cost optimization – by the same teams that develop our award-winning commercial technologies.