Refining & Chemicals


Refining & Chemicals


Gradiant delivered an integrated wastewater treatment approach for Effluent Management at Source (EMAS) for a leading energy company. The solutions were targeted to address the client’s refinery wastes to bring sustainability and efficiency into their operations.

Fast Facts

Location: Melaka, Malaysia

End User: Major Energy Company

Solution: Industrial Wastewater & Recycling

Industry: Refining & Chemicals

Feedwater Source: Refinery Waste

Technology: Oil Separation, Dissolved Air Flotation, CASS, Submerged MBR

System Capacity: 5,000 m³/day

Online Date: June 2023

Delivery Model: Design-Build (DB)

The Challenge

 Water is key to operations continuity for our clients in refining & chemicals. Complex industrial wastewaters are created from production, requiring innovative and cost-optimized solutions before discharge.


Wastewater management is a critical success factor in the operations of a refinery. These facilities have demanding environmental management challenges and are facing increasingly greater pressure to adopt sustainable operational practices. A refinery’s waste streams are difficult to treat as it oftentimes contains suspended solids, oil & grease, metals, and organic materials which create the need for complex treatment processes, while maintaining system reliability and cost efficiency. The client needed to identify an effective wastewater treatment solution to treat its refinery wastes in a sustainable and efficient manner. Gradiant was able to deliver the right solution for the client’s needs.

The Solution

 Gradiant designed and built an end-to-end industrial wastewater treatment system to progressively treat down the complex refinery wastes — first targeting oils (for separation and removal), and then the remaining organics and suspended solids. The pre-treatment system consists of an API oil separator and CPI (corrugated plate interceptor) to remove the oil & grease from the effluent water, followed by Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) system for the removal of total suspended solids (TSS) by creating tiny bubbles that adhere to the solids and float to the surface.


A Cyclic Activated Sludge System (CASS) is then employed for the first stage of biological treatment, followed by a second stage process featuring a submerged membrane bioreactor (MBR). Remaining wastes are ultimately sent to the sludge management system, resulting in 90% oil removal and 25% sludge cake dry solids.

The Benefits

 When the client was challenged to find the right solution for its effluent treatment system to maintain production, Gradiant’s integrated wastewater treatment solution proved to be technically and economically superior to competitors.


Gradiant delivered a custom-engineered approach for a staged wastewater treatment process scheme to progressively remove oil, suspended solids, and organics. The effective treatment of the facility’s effluent enabled operations continuity to the client’s refining operations in a sustainable and cost-effective approach. Our broad range of solutions allow Gradiant to select the best approach for solving our clients’ unique challenges in the refining & chemicals industry.

Impact Stats


Oil Removal


Sludge Cake Dry Solids

12 LMH

MBR Design Flux


Removal of Sulfur Particles

Legal Disclaimer

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