China leader named to further Gradiant’s commitment to bring industrial wastewater treatment technology to market.


BOSTON and SHANGHAI – June 5, 2018 – On the heels of commissioning its latest zero liquid discharge (ZLD) plant in China, Gradiant Corporation, a leader in innovative solutions for industrial wastewater treatment and desalination, today unveiled its plans to further strengthen its presence in the country. Gradiant China will provide industrial water solutions and ZLD technology to treat waste streams from coal-fired power plants, textile processors, chemical production, oil and gas operations and other industrial facilities.


Given the growing emphasis on water reuse and recycling, Gradiant foresees significant opportunity to offer customers the benefit of its innovative products. The Gradiant China team will provide local leadership, sales and service personnel, while product and technology development will remain within the parent, Gradiant Corporation. This approach ensures focus on in-country customer needs, while centralizing innovation and intellectual property development.


With proven experience establishing a new business division in China, Jason Tao Yu has been appointed Managing Director of Gradiant China and will be charged with leading the team. Yu brings more than 15 years of experience in water treatment and specialty chemicals industries to his proficiencies in sales and general management. A Shanghai office will serve as home base for Gradiant China.


“Reliable, cost-effective wastewater treatment technology is in demand across China as the country’s strict environmental regulations for industrial wastewater discharge have impacted a wide variety of industries,” said Yu. “The future is bright in China where there is ample opportunity for Gradiant’s innovative wastewater treatment technology to help Chinese industrial facilities meet ZLD requirements.”


Gradiant Corporation developed its flagship humidification-dehumidification based process known as the Carrier Gas Extraction (CGE) system to transform the most challenging industrial waste streams into valuable water resources. This evaporator alternative mimics nature’s rain cycle to reduce the cost of treatment while increasing production reliability. To compliment the CGE system, Gradiant also offers a suite of products to provide a complete end to end solution.


As Gradiant China opens its doors, the company’s first CGE system at a coal-fired power plant commences operation. The power plant, located two hours northwest of Shanghai, was facing mounting challenges in its quest to meet stringent wastewater disposal requirements. Gradiant’s CGE technology was selected for its ability to greatly minimize waste and simplify overall operations. The system treats highly contaminated flue gas desulphurization (FGD) wastewater, producing a fresh water stream for reuse in the plant at a water recovery of more than 90 percent.


“Bringing ZLD to life in Jiangsu at a coal-fired power plant marks a major step forward to support China’s industrial sector,” stated Anurag Bajpayee, CEO of Gradiant Corporation. “We look forward to further commercializing Gradiant’s cutting-edge technology for wastewater treatment under Jason’s leadership, to help China’s industrial sector achieve critical ZLD requirements.”

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