New R&D Center of Excellence established at the world’s premier hub for water technology.


BOSTON and SINGAPORE – July 8, 2018 – To further its commitment to developing solutions aimed at reducing water scarcity concerns, Gradiant Corporation today announced the establishment of a new research and development (R&D) center in Singapore which will also serve as the company’s Asia-Pacific headquarters. Widely renowned as a global water technology innovation hub, establishing a base in Singapore will enable Gradiant to leverage world-class talent and facilities to further strengthen the company’s innovation and commercialization efforts.


The creation of this Asia-Pacific headquarters, supported by the Singapore Economic Development Board, will allow Gradiant to expedite the development of innovative solutions for industrial desalination, brine minimization and water reuse. Gradiant’s facility in Singapore will initially employ 10 senior water scientists and engineers, many of whom were trained at MIT, with plans to double the size of the team by year-end, capitalizing on Singapore’s deep pool of talent in the water technology sector. Gradiant’s CTO and co-founder Prakash Govindan will lead the Singapore-based team.


“By expanding operations to Singapore, our R&D Center of Excellence will be located on the front lines of the water innovation sector,” said Govindan. “This expansion will enable Gradiant to build a strong research and business presence in Singapore as we continue to provide innovative, industry-leading solutions for water reuse, desalination and zero liquid discharge applications across the Asia-Pacific region and around the world.”


Singapore has proven itself to be a leading incubator for some of the world’s most innovative solutions to global challenges, such as in wastewater reclamation and seawater desalination. Water and environmental sustainability have become a core pillar with $670 million of government funding invested in the water industry since 2006 and over 200 water companies currently based in Singapore


“Singapore is a trusted innovation location for the commercialization of groundbreaking ideas and solutions,” said Mr. Gian Yi-Hsen, Executive Director, Cleantech, Singapore Economic Development Board. “Gradiant’s latest investment in Singapore will enhance the diversity of our water ecosystem, in particular building technology and specialized talent in industrial water solutions. We look forward to the growth of Gradiant’s technology in the region through their HQ in Singapore.”


Gradiant’s move to Singapore further cements the company’s growing presence in the Asia-Pacific region. In April, Gradiant established an Indian subsidiary based in Chennai while last month it unveiled plans and leadership for Gradiant China. The company’s North American operations include its largest subsidiary, Gradiant Energy Services, an oilfield services business focused on unconventional oil and gas with over 100 employees.

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