Today, we announce the launch of a true branding as a renewal of our founders’ original vision. At the heart is a calibration of our vision, a new visual identity, and a new website – to underscore where Gradiant is today, and where we are heading.


Water is our most precious resource, which is why we are singularly focused on solving the world’s most important water challenges. This true branding solidifies our mission to pioneer advanced solutions to reduce, reclaim, and renew water for the world’s leading industries. Gradiant plays a critical role in contributing to a future where water is used responsibly. Our new identity boldly symbolizes our ambition to elevate water to its rightful position where it is held in the highest regard by all.


Gradiant empowers industry to bring sustainability into their operations through its differentiated end-to-end solutions, powered by the top talent in water and technology. We deliver best-in-class results for the most challenging water problems in advanced manufacturing, including the semiconductor, pharmaceuticals, mining, and food & beverage industries. Gradiant operates from 18 offices around the world, including the rapidly growing Asia and Middle East geographies and anchored by its Boston headquarters.


Through our history, we have maintained a bold challenger mindset in our outlook to innovation and impact on our world. As we approached our next era of growth, our founders took pause to reflect on the company that we’ve built. We asked ourselves if the brand reflects our purpose and values at the time of founding. We decided to embrace our original desire to make a difference in the world through our technologies and solutions, helping ensure water for generations to come.


Gradiant’s relentless innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, and singular focus on sustainability make it a different kind of water company. The company is committed to creating a lasting and positive impact on the world’s water resources by delivering transformative solutions for industrial water.

Please fill out the form to download the whitepaper

Please fill out the form to download the whitepaper

Please fill out the form to download the whitepaper

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