Celebrating Innovation: Gradiant and Formosa Plastics Group (FPG) Receive the Taiwan Ministry of Environment’s “Water Sustainability Award”

Roger Foo, Gradiant’s Managing Director for Greater China (right), receives the award from Jiunn-Horng Yeh, Deputy Minister of the Environmental Protection Administration of Taiwan.


Taiwan’s Ministry of Environment Taiwan’s Ministry of Environment proudly launched the first-ever “Water Sustainability Award,” a pioneering initiative designed to honor and recognize the remarkable efforts of 14 distinguished companies and their partners. These trailblazers have set new benchmarks in wastewater treatment, resource utilization, and the incorporation of smart technologies, leading the charge towards a more sustainable future.


The ceremony celebrated the results of a rigorous competition segmented into five categories to identify the crème de la crème through a comprehensive three-stage selection process. A total of 14 companies emerged victorious, each demonstrating exceptional innovation and commitment to sustainability.


Gradiant and Formosa Plastics Group (FPG) received the “Water Sustainability Award” for the Nan Ya Plastics’ Mailiao Plant. This facility was recognized as a leader in innovation, employing advanced self-cleaning filters and ozone dispersers to efficiently treat concentrated wastewater discharge. What sets this approach apart is not just the reduction in operational costs but the leap towards enhancing water recycling efficiency and resource utilization. The project has reduced the amount of wastewater generated by 81% – from 16,550 CMD in 2006, to 3,128 CMD in 2023, and the amount of waste by 82% – from 11,171 kg/day to 1,965 kg/day over the same time period.  


Nan Ya Plastics’ Mailiao Plant is more than just a manufacturing facility – it’s a testament to what can be achieved when innovation meets environmental stewardship. The adoption of innovative wastewater treatment technologies marks a milestone in the journey towards sustainability. It exemplifies a holistic approach to environmental conservation, emphasizing energy conservation, carbon reduction, and the minimization of sludge emissions.


This inaugural Water Sustainable Award ceremony is a celebration of those who are not just part of the industry but are leading the transformation towards a greener, more sustainable world. The achievements of these companies, including the pioneering efforts of Nan Ya Plastics’ Mailiao Plant, are a call to industries worldwide. They demonstrate that with the right innovations and a steadfast commitment to sustainability, the industrial sector can indeed become a leading force to reduce the carbon and water footprint.

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