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Gradiant’s Cure Chemicals and PFAS destruction solution, ForeverGone will help Gradiant reach $1 billion in revenues by 2026


Announcing its bold expansion plans in the fields of industrial water treatment chemicals and PFAS destruction technologies, Gradiant seeks to hit $1 billion of revenues by 2026. GWI met with Prakash Govindan, Gradiant’s COO, to discuss the diversification into chemicals and PFAS destruction that spearheads Gradiant’s drive to become a one-stop-shop for industrial water.


On CURE Chemicals:


“We won’t see this kind of cannibalization of revenue when we bring chemicals on board. This trifecta of process technology, operations and chemicals especially works in the industrial sector because oftentimes a client will want their entire water needs taken care of,” Govindan noted.


On the ForeverGone PFAS solution:


GWI writes, “Gradiant this month also announced a new PFAS treatment and destruction solution, initially tailored to industrial users looking to get ahead of future legislation…Here, the EPA is pushing for industrial discharge permits to include specific PFAS limits under the Clean Water Act – while hazardous substance designations for PFOA and PFOS are also fueling fresh clean-up demands.”


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