Gradiant Leaders Present on Brine Minimization Technology at American Water Summit in Los Angeles

Global Water Intelligence’s American Water Summit (AWS) will be held January 24 – 26, 2023 with the theme “Re-Thinking Water.” Taking place in Los Angeles, in an area known for its water scarcity and progressive desalination and water reuse practices, AWS is a forum featuring 125 speakers exploring key drivers and ideas vital to re-thinking water across the globe. Industry leaders, innovators, and policymakers will unite to present on key water topics including Gradiant’s CTO Rick Stover and Mike Boyd, VP of Sales & Business Development.


Rick Stover is a featured panelist to discuss “Confronting the Brine Crisis,” hosted by Dr. Amy Childress of USC’s School of Engineering. Distinguished Panelists include Peter Fiske of NAWI, Jeff Mosher of the Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority, Greg Woodside of Orange County Water District, and Scott Reinert of El Paso Water. The question posed is, “Salt has been building up in the water systems of the Western United States for decades, what are the radical brine solutions needed to take water efficiency and unconventional resource development to new levels?”


Mike Boyd, Gradiant’s Vice President of Business Development for North America, will present during the “12 Crucial Technologies for Accelerating Reuse in Industry” session hosted by Tom Pankratz and Charlotte Oakes of Global Water Intelligence. The topic of this session is “Which technologies will have the biggest impact on expanding the scope of industrial water reuse?” He will showcase how RO Infinity CFRO sustainably treats industrial process water, achieves near zero liquid discharge (ZLD), recovering up to 99.6%, and has a range of applications and industries from mining to microelectronics and more.


“Forums like The American Water Summit are so important, as it allows us as an industry to raise these major sustainability issues,” explained Mike Boyd. “An estimated 40% of all water is used to serve industry, so finding ways to reduce and reuse industrial process water is key to avoiding water scarcity.”


Stay tuned for news on events, awards, and more from Gradiant.

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