Gradiant Named Finalist at 2023 Global Water Awards


Global Water Intelligence recently released its finalists for the 2023 Global Water Awards and Gradiant is proud to announce that we are shortlisted for the Desalination Company of the Year Award.


This award recognizes the most important achievements in the international water industry and reward those initiatives in water, wastewater, and desalination that are moving the industry forward through innovative technology, adoption, and performance.


Voting is still open until April 20th for GWI and Water Desalination Report subscribers. Winners will be announced in Berlin on May 9th at the Global Water Summit. We’d appreciate your support as we help the world’s leading brands reduce, reclaim, and renew the water they use. Click here for more details on nominations and voting process.


“Gradiant surged ahead in 2022, doubling its 2021 revenues, aggressively hiring new talent and expanding its capabilities as an end-to-end solutions provider…the company made significant acquisitions in the desalination space which unlocked digital and manufacturing synergies with its existing technologies,” according to Global Water Intelligence.


Gradiant had a breakout year in 2022 as we grew headcount by over 40% and acquired several companies to expand our technology offerings and geographical reach. Gradiant has evolved from a recognized technology leader, into a global end-to-end solutions provider serving the world’s leading brands.


Gradiant’s major milestones for 2022 include:


  • Acquiring Synauta, an AI technology company with expertise in seawater desalination applications. Clients are increasingly adopting machine learning AI for their water operations to address challenges of sustainability and cost pressures, business continuity, and regulatory compliance. Digital water is the area of greatest innovation potential in the global water industry, and Synauta bolsters Gradiant’s position as a technology leader in this space.
  • Three years of continuous pilot testing of Gradiant’s RO Infinity with CFRO technology at SAWACO resulting in 99.9% system availability at 50% recovery, while using less energy than competitors. Pilot testing results led to the award of SAWACO’s full-scale desalination plant at Store City that will concentrate brine to a final TDS of 150,000 mg/L.
  • Pilot testing of the RO Infinity Semi-Batch RO and CFRO technologies at Water Corporation’s Jandakot Groundwater Treatment Plant in Perth. The pilot testing demonstrated 99% recovery for 2,000 mg/L TDS groundwater.

Gradiant saw some incredible successes in 2022 between our AI technology expansion with SmartOps as well as advances with our CFRO systems. We look forward to an exciting 2023 as we make major strides with acquisitions of Advanced Watertek and MPES, bringing us to over 900 employees serving 600 water and wastewater projects worldwide.

Gradiant is proud to introduce ForeverGone – the industry’s only all-in-one PFAS removal and destruction solution

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