Reflections from COP28

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I recently had the privilege of attending COP28 in Dubai, leaving encouraged by thoughtful discussions with the world’s business leaders, scientists, and government officials eager for climate-based solutions. This was a historic conference for bringing water security to the forefront of climate action discussions, marking the first year that water was included as a primary topic on the agenda.


As the world’s first and only water technology unicorn, Gradiant was proud to contribute our perspective on sustainable water solutions. COP28 marked a major shift from previous conferences, urging parties to take swift and widespread action to address water scarcity and resilience. The focus was on achieving a climate-resilient water supply at all levels, from local to global.


From engaging in numerous panels and discussions at COP28, one crucial insight emerged: water is not just a piece of the puzzle – it IS the puzzle – for climate change solution. This paradigm shift is essential for integrating water management into broader climate action plans.


Water is the essential resource underpinning all aspects of society and industrialization. However, water has been overlooked and underprioritized in the global climate talks until now. The connections are clear: with ample water access and effective management protocols, it will be impossible for the world to achieve our climate goals.


Gradiant is taking meaningful actions to address water scarcity and is already making an impact today. We are deploying a full technology stack that brings together leading-edge water solutions to solve the world’s most important water challenges. We understand that addressing the problem of water stress starts by focusing on the most intensive users – industry. Through our unique solutions, we help the world’s leading brands reduce, reclaim, and renew the water they use. Gradiant has also forged partnerships with major stakeholders in the Middle East, including the Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO), who is spearheading the development and commercialization of global climate change solutions.


COP28 may have drawn to a close, but the momentum for water security & innovation is just beginning. As we step into 2024, Gradiant remains steadfast in its commitment to driving progress through relentless innovation, as we will champion water as a critical enabler for a net-zero, water-secure future.


Prakash Govindan

COO of Gradiant

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